The organ music of Ronald Watson

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Twelve miniatures on Buckland - very easy

Styled ‘for amusement only’ these include an easy pedal part

Suite for Mrs Thing - very easy

Definitely for replica watches uk the reluctant organist this suite consists of five very swiss replica watches straightforward, approachable and playable pieces: Trumpet March, Song, Jig, Rag and Toccatina rolex replica

Mrs Thing's Christmas Stocking - easy

Five pieces on well known Christmas carols includes Cradle Song written for the baptism of Lorenzo Reckling Cabrera

Mrs Thing's Easter Egg - easy

Five pieces suitable for use from Palm Sunday to Easter Day

Mrs Thing puts her feet up - easy

Five pieces for manuals only but in which pedals could be used if so desired

At Your Service - easy

Five preludes on well known hymn tunes incorporating an easy pedal part

Variations on the St Anthony Chorale – not too difficult

For one hand and one foot. Written for a friend who lost the use of his left hand and has limited use of his right leg

Happy birthday Herr Bach - if you can play the Bach you can play this

A combination of Bach Schübler Prelude ‘Wachet Auf’ and ‘Happy Birthday to you’ this piece has sold in large numbers and has been recorded by June Nixon and Rupert Gough amongst others. The simplest registration

Wedding day - Grade 4/5

Recorded by June Nixon this short piece is in G major with a central section in E flat major. Easy registration

The Piper - Grade 4/5

Recorded by June Nixon this easy piece is in G major and features a drone effect produced by wedging two notes over which the simple melody is subjected to variations. At one stage the pedals take the melody. Registration changes need careful planning

Suite: Saint Wilfrid - Grade 4/6

Recorded by June Nixon this suite contains 5 movements each of which is quite short but could stand alone. 1. Intrada in D major 2. Musette in G major 3.Trumpet Tune in F major (published separately) 4. Celtic Song in D major and 5 Toccatina in D major. The Toccatina marks the transition into slightly more demanding fingering and pedalling technique

In the Mode (for manuals only) - Grade 4/5

A set of six pieces, one in each of the modes

Elegy in Memoriam Herbert Howells - Grade 5

Recorded by June Nixon this gently moving piece is in B minor/major. It could be regarded as a chorale improvisation on the tune Michael. The pedal part is easy as is the registration

Toccata - Grade 5/6

Recorded by Kevin Bowyer and declared to be one of his favourite pieces he describes it in The IAO Millennium Handbook as ‘chasing the key of E flat and grasping it at the end with both hands. A heart warming little piece’. It has had several airings in Norwich Cathedral and in King’s at the hands of Anne Page. Some agile fingering and pedalling are required and the registration is very easy to manage

Promenade - Grade 5/6

Recorded by June Nixon this is a more substantial piece in C minor. The main theme is in 4/4 whereas  the central contrasting section contains slightly more offbeat rhythms. There are no daunting technical demands and changes in registration can be easily managed

Colours - Grade 6

Recorded by June Nixon, a more extended piece which explores changing textures. Whilst the pedalling is quite easy nimble fingering is required and subtle changes in registration are required fairly frequently

Dances - Grade 6

Recorded by Pilar Cabrera this is basically a Rondo in which the main Jig theme frames an off beat Minuet and Saraband. Nimble but straight forward fingering and pedalling required and changes in registration for the various sections can be managed easily

Pastorale - Grade 6/7

This piece is a typical Pastorale - starting and ending quietly with a stormier middle section. The pedalling is very easy and the manuals part is never harder than Grade 5. It lasts just over 3 minutes

Suite for Leeds - Grade 4/7

This suite was a prize winner in the Leeds International Competition in 1990 and consists of four movements. 1.Dithyramb 2. Minuet à Trois (which has been recorded by June Nixon and Pilar Cabrera) 3. Scherzetto and 4. Toccata. The Toccata in the French style is definitely more difficult technically than the other movements containing, as Dr. Francis Jackson put it ‘some tight corners!’

Three Handel hymn tune preludes - Grade 5/7

Recorded by June Nixon the theme tunes are Maccabeus (Chorale), Solomon (Meditation) and Gopsal  (Prelude, Fugue and Carillon)

Suite 'Four a Penny' - Grade 5/8

Commissioned by Martin Penny this suite is made up of four movements. The opening Sinfonia is not at all difficult, the Tarantella is moderately difficult, Humori Contrastante is quite easy but the final movement is the one which will stretch you!

Badinage - Grade 6

A light hearted piece in G major with modulations to E flat and to B major, at most a little tricky in places but very manageable with a bit of concentration

Jubiläum - Grade 7

Commissioned by Francis Jackson and recorded by June Nixon this piece has enjoyed several performances by leading recitalists not least Dr. Jackson himself whose performance in a York Minster recital is available on CD. It was performed in St. Paul’s at the hands of Dr. Gillian Ward Russell who declared it to be ‘not as difficult as one first imagined’, and more recently by Pilar Cabrera in Bruges Cathedral. The piece is in 5 in a bar and is predominantly festive but with a reflective  and hypnotic middle section

Ostinati - Grade 7

This piece contains several sections in which there is a distinct ostinato, sometimes in the pedals. Registration changes need to be carefully planned. The piece begins and ends quietly

Introduction Passacaglia & Fugue - Grade 8

Recorded by June Nixon this piece follows the usual format except that the theme is not always in ¾. This piece received its first performance at Walsingham at the hands of Michael Fleming who has included it in several recitals since

Fanfara Gioiosa - Grade 8

Dedicated to June Nixon this quite demanding festive piece includes allusions to Waltzing Matilda. A good opportunity to let them hear the Tuba!

Concert piece - Grade 8+

Recorded by Paul Derrett, commissioned by David Dunnett and first performed by him in Norwich Cathedral this is a jaunty piece which is great fun to play and to listen to

Excursion - Grade 8+

Commissioned by Gillian Ward Russell the piece is in three distinct sections, the central section being te easiest and most reflective.

Fanfare for two organists - Grade 8
Commissioned by Bryan Ellum and Jane Berry this is a short, punchy piece with some very tricky cross rhythms. A rousing start to a programme of organ duets!

Andante Cantabile  (Tchaikowsky) - Grade 5
Very manageable

Wedding Day at Troldhaugen  (Grieg) - Grade 7
Not totally without its trickier moments but if you can play the piano version you’ll sail through this.

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Meditation on East Acklam - Grade 5
Written for the funeral of Rev Dr Fred Pratt Green this piece is in C major and G major and requires simple registration. Particularly suitable for Harvest.

Sonatina - Grade 8+
Commissioned by Bryan Ellum and first performed by him at Cromer Parish Church, this piece was written to exploit the well stocked four manual instrument there but does work effectively on a well stocked three manual instrument. There are three main sections 1. Fanfare-Toccata 2. Aria 3. Capriccio all linked by bridge passages and in one case by a pedal solo which would make Bach prick up his ears. It has been recorded on the organ of Norwich Cathedral by David Dunnett.

Rievaulx - the story of an Abbey - Grade 8+
Commissioned by Kevin Bowyer, recorded by him and first performed by him at St. Mary’s, Standon, this could best be described as a programmatic Sonata in four sections. The first depicts monks descending into the Yorkshire valley which they select as the site for the Abbey; the second depicts the work of construction; the third the falling into ruin of the building and the fourth the grandeur of the ruins.

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